Benefits of Volunteering

In Canada, Volunteering plays an important role in an individual’s success. Volunteering helps individual builds those skills, which we may not be able to build in our full time role. Employers looks at those candidates favorably, who volunteer their time in the community.

For the benefit of the Newcomer Community, I would like to share a Real Life example of the benefits that I have received by volunteering.

August 2019 – I needed to build my confidence & skills in Public Speaking.

October 2019 – I joined the nearest club of Toastmaster International as it is the safest environment to build your communication & leadership skills.

January – December 2020 – With the help of a mentor, I delivered 15 speeches (almost one speech every month) building one speech after the another.

January 2021 – I take on an Acting Area Director role responsible for managing two clubs.

July 2021 – I am made full time Area Director responsible for managing 4 clubs and working with a Division Director & 3 others Area Directors. Additionally, I get the opportunity to work the District 123 Toastmasters leadership team.

August 2021 – With assistance from another leader, I am now running Training programs to train future leaders in Toastmaster.

September to December 2021 – I will be trained as “Train the Trainer” and will be running “Workshops” on an individual basis.

So, in less than 2 years, from some one willing to build confidence on Public Speaking to running workshops to train future leaders in the community.

That’s the benefit of volunteering.


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  1. Hello Team BMC ,
    Recently, I have started following BMC through one of my mentor Vaidehiji from Panorama India. I moved from USA in Jan 2020 and got connected with Panorama India in Feb 2021. I’m volunteering with them since then and was in the team of organizing India day drive through parade and Republic Day Celebrations in Feb 2022. I have really learned a lot with being this great team. But I’m still looking for a good full time job or work where I can support my family financially.
    This article and experience of Mr.Dinesh Verma is very inspiring and I want to join this inspiring team as well as a volunteer.
    I’ll appreciate it if you may give your valuable time to connect with me.
    Warm regards.

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