ARE YOU IN THE RIGHT SPOT? By: Dr. Christina Augustine (Chris) “Life is a matter of CHOICES, and every choice you make, MAKES You.” —John C. Maxwell This truth resonates so much….aren’t we a bundle of our choices? Think about the choices you have made so far, and which has […]
Making a Career Change Perseverance in the Pursuit of Success
Should I Stay or Should I Go? I couldn’t resist using the title of the song by the English punk rock band, The Clash, from their album Combat Rock. It has a nice catchy ring to it and the song was the band’s only number-one single on the UK Singles […]
What it takes for a Newcomer to be successful in Canada The Government of Canada last week announced that it will be giving permanent residency to 90,000 people which will include health care professionals, essential workers and most importantly the international student community, who meets the criteria. Although majority of […]
It was a bright day in early March 2002 when I landed in Canada with my wife. We joined my extended family who had immigrated a few years earlier and were living in Toronto. Under their guidance I took my first steps towards building a successful life in my new […]
Either way…it will say a lot about you! The true test of a team is when times are difficult. It is all easy when work is progressing planned. It takes no skills here. When times are tough: 1. Easy thing to do is to blame everyone with a fixed mindset […]
Mentoring is the first step towards building trust, credibility, and network currency.
As a Newcomer! I vividly remember May 13, 2005, landing on Canadian soil, coming out of Toronto Pearson Airport, I just fell in love with the ‘space’ and knew, I belong here. Was it a smooth transition-emotionally, culturally, socially and financially? No, it wasn’t! I had wet eyes, cultural shocks and missed […]