Our Story

Our journey began during the COVID -19 lockdown, when newcomers to Canada faced more challenges than usual. We began virtual sessions to assist newcomers in developing professional networks and receiving expert advice. We quickly realized that there is SO MUCH MORE that can be done to assist immigrants and internationally trained professionals in pursuing their Canadian dream. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to the social and economic well-being of newcomers. We assist and support newcomers to make their transition and settlement easier. Collaborations, connections, and community building are important to us. We have been trained as mentors and coaches. For us, credibility is everything! BMG is proud to be a PIN (Professional Immigrant Network) member at TRIEC (Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council). More information about this can be found out BMG Group | PINs We are here to help you and gladly will do so! Committed to Your Growth – We Are Better Together