Power of Communications

To provide a platform for newcomers in Canada to develop and practice public speaking skills, conversational skills and build confidence to speak in formal and informal social environments. Meetings are in small groups to allow for ample time to speak and for feedback during each session.


• Practice English speaking skills through specifically designed speaking projects with specific objectives in areas of public speaking.

• Participants to work on assignment to view short videos and answer questions related to the video to help them think analytically about new topics as well as to practice summarizing ideas within a time limit.

• Impromptu speaking sessions that help to practice “Thinking on the feet”.

• Learning by self-reflection through feedback to own performance as well as to other participants.

• Practice casual conversations regarding latest events/news/sports etc.

• Learn by observing and emulating skills of accomplished speakers.


• Participants will be able to introduce themselves in an effective manner.

• Participants will have skills to speak for a short duration on any given topic without preparation in a structured manner.

• Participants can deliver a speech at length on any topic provided in advance, which includes structure, supporting material as well as a clear purpose.

• Participants will have a deeper understanding of their strengths and improvement areas to continue working on their communication journey.