Finding Your Path in Canada In the past five or six years that I’ve been helping newcomers to Canada, I’ve often come across people who seem hesitant to make career decisions. In most cases, they have too many options on the table and are unable to move forward. I totally […]
3P’s – Patience, Persistence & Positive Attitude are Key to Building a Successful Life!!! On the last weekend, I reviewed the first six months of 2021 for my life. Here is the summary of what we went through. Challenges 1. We had to fly to India on an urgent basis […]
Death Of Coffee Meetings So today, I am writing about something very relevant to today’s scenario that we are all going through; dealing with COVID-19 and the lockdown of regular work routine. For somebody like me; who believes in one-on-one contacts, who thrives in talking to people face-to-face, who believes […]