Perzaan Kelawalla

It is extremely rare that you come across such a humble and down to earth individual like Dinesh Sharma who is so passionate to help newcomers. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dinesh and his team for his constant support and encouragement towards newcomers. I was lucky and fortunate enough to come across this outstanding individual through another networking event. It took me less than a minute to connect with Dinesh due to his amazing leadership qualities to understand and sympathize with what a newcomer goes through, especially when there is a global pandemic. I must say as a newcomer I have come across many individuals and agencies, but Dinesh goes above and beyond when it comes to the smallest of things. He not only guides you on the professional front but also supports you emotionally and gives you a holistic outlook towards life.

Dinesh on the other hand goes out of his way and conducts such amazing workshops and invites such well known personalities in their respected fields to share their experiences and guide newcomers, which has indeed helped me in my journey as a newcomer to this beautiful country known as Canada. I would highly recommend him not only to newcomers but also to professionals who are looking for some guidance in their respected fields. Dinesh is doing a fantastic job and I wish him all the very best for his future endeavours. Once again, I thank you for being such an incredible mentor.

Rajender Agnihotri

I have got the opportunity to attend most of the webinars organised by Dinesh Sharma and team. I would like to applaud and appreciate this unique initiative which had immensely benefited the community during the challenging times of Covid-19.I was facing challenge to get my educational credentials certified. Dinesh gave me the right direction and connected me to the right person leading to my success. Thank You and wishing you all the best for your continuing endeavor to support all communities.

Sachin Sharma

It is with much enthusiasm that I recommend Mr. Dinesh as the primary contact person for support needed by newcomers to Canada. His guidance covers wide arena including career counselling, interview support, resume writing along with financial guidance.His organizing qualities can be judged from the excellent seminars and webinars conducted by him. They are need based, practically planned and executed. I have learned very much through his programs. His Whats app Group is a great platform to stay updated on job postings and career advice. His mentoring skills are truly phenomenal. His positive outlook is imperative in inspiring persons struggling and looking for better opportunities.Dinesh’s personal strengths are complemented by his demonstrated leadership skills.He has a very special spark, and I trust he will go far in making our world a better place.


I want to take this opportunity to let you know my thoughts regarding the webinars I have attended so far organised by Brilliant Minds Group.

At the beginning, the Webinars were definitely a ray of hope for us at the time of uncertainty and crisis due to Covid-19. What i liked most about the sessions is they were very systematically constructed and the structure and agenda of sessions were very clearly communicated with the participants well ahead of time. This helped me understand what to expect from the sessions and what opportunities of exploration I have from the sessions.

I had the opportunity of getting to know the views of experienced speakers from diverse industries like Biju Mishra, Leona Wilson, Parveen Gill etc. This definitely helped me get a perspective of the job market in Canada and what it takes to succeed here.

The question and answer sessions were as informative as the guest speech note. Especially the fact that everyone gets a chance to ask questions to the speaker benefits all.

Syed Shawar M

This is to appreciate and thank Brilliant Minds Group (Mr. Dinesh Sharma) for extending all possible support to me as a new comer for settling in Canada, by means of one to one session, continuous follow-ups on career progress, organised various series of webinars involving market experts and leaders from various industries to understand Canadian labour market, work culture and most importantly networking with peoples. Beside this continuous knowledge enhancement on daily basis to keep us focused patiently to achieve our career goals. BMG and team had been a gap between new comer and potential employer for many newcomers like myself. Wishing them all the very best and keep continue supporting society.

Hardik Naik

I will always be grateful to you for your support and kindness.

It would be impossible to count all the ways that you’ve helped many new immigrants like us in their initial phase.

Thank you so much for all that you’ve done like (Webinars, One on one mentorship etc)— I only hope I can return the favor sometime in the future.

Thanks for being a good mentor and for guiding us on the right path.

Dominic Gardner

I would like to take this opportunity to testify on the brilliant work that Mr. Dinesh Sharma has undertaken to support and guide the newcomers in Canada. I am fortunate to be a part of his WhatsApp group and being a part of the various seminars and webinars that have been conducted by Dinesh that helped to shape my career, boost my morale while giving some hope and encouragement being a newcomer in Canada, especially during the COVID. These workshops were aimed at overcoming the challenges we newcomers face in Canada while job hunting, while grooming and preparing us for the challenges that we would face. I must say that this helped me a lot and I took a lot of learning from these workshops.

I would certainly recommend any newcomer to get in touch with Dinesh as he is more than capable to prepare you to face challenges head on.

Hence I hereby submit my testimony for Mr Dinesh Sharma to be considered for the leadership award as he rightfully deserve the accolades for the fantastic support he is rendering for all newcomers to Canada.

Mahesh Radhakrishnan

Taking this opportunity to thank all your continued efforts in building a strong network and supporting the newcomers to enhance their learnings through networking sessions. Your efforts have been phenomenal even during the pandemic situations conducting regular online networking sessions with the panelists from different industry backgrounds and experts in their field.

• First Virtual networking session on April 5th 2020 started with overwhelming participation giving opportunity for all participants to know and understand each other.

• Second networking session on April 19th 2020 considering the demand from the group who missed the first session benefited larger participants.

• Kudos! to your initiative to organise and hosting below networking sessions on the topics interested by the participants :

April 19th 2020 : Canadian Job Market after Covid 19 – Speaker Barry Wohl

May 3rd : How do you become candidate of choice – Speaker Leona Wilson

May 17th : How do you become a candidate of choice – Part 2 Speaker Biju Misra

May 31st : Importance of Professional designation in Canadian Job Market – Speaker Parveen Gill

14th June : A recap of building your career in Canada – Panel discussion : Speakers Barry Wohl / Biju Misra / Sarah Jua / Bill Greenhalgh / Leona Wilson / Parveen Gill

12th July : Networking for success – Panel discussion : Parveen Gill / Biju Misra / Sanja Drobac / Venu Gandreli

15th August – Compensation & Benefits in Canada – Randy Ross

28th August : Finance for non-finance – Speaker Mitra Joshi.

Session which I got benefited to a great extent considering my career in Operations and limited exposure to Finance aspects of the business.

19th September : Manufacturing in Ontario The road ahead opportunities / Challenges – Speaker Peter Watson

17th October : Recruitment challenges in 2020-21 & How to address them – Speaker Stan Arnold

18th October – A Career in Banking – Sandeep Chaudhary/Soham Joshi

Nov. 08 – A Career in Supply Chain – Ameerk Lamba/Yogender Tyagi/Mahmud Khamis

Looking forward to further learnings through your networking sessions!

Brenda Fernandes

I have known Dinesh Sharma since 2012, when he was the Membership Director at the Human Resources Professional Association, a regulatory organization (HRPA). He led a campaign to broaden the scope of membership and I was one of about 10 or more volunteers. He organized, directed, guided and mentored the volunteers to achieve the goal of expanding membership of the HRPA. His leadership role was unmistakable and greatly helped the HRPA in bringing more members to the organization at the time.

Through the years, Dinesh has worked in various companies, sometimes leading his department as the Manager In charge, providing leadership; seeking to build effective relationships with stakeholders, clients and employees by counselling, motivating and engaging them in a culture that enhances organizational effectiveness.

Dinesh has been doing this, not only at his work place but also in his personal capacity – always encouraging new immigrants in his social sphere, using his knowledge of human resources and job search strategies to help them succeed in their job search.

Recently, he has taken his passion to lead and assist new comers to Canada to the next level – by arranging seminars on job search strategy and industry to enlighten and educate them on the factors that lead to success. Dinesh has engaged industry leaders from various fields of finance and accounting, supply chain, human resources etc. and they have enthusiastically shared their experience and knowledge, which new immigrants have greatly appreciated and which has contributed to them entering into the job market in the field of their choice. The impact is particularly more significant because it has happened in the back drop of the Covid era. The seminars are always professionally done and the participants are a diverse group of people.

This could not have happened without Dinesh’s leadership skills and initiative. He has brought people together for a common goal. More importantly, he has used his passion of human resources and service to further his commitment to reach out and give back to the community – thus sharing the success he has achieved in his career.

I trust that this write-up demonstrates Dinesh’s leadership skills in his professional and personal life.

Manikandan Amirthalingam

I would like to express my gratitude for the outstanding contributions which are made by Brilliant Minds Group in giving detailed insights about Canadian Job markets, various licensing processes in Canada, and many other details to newcomers like me.

Through the various webinars conducted by the BMG group, I understood more about the importance of professional designation, resume preparation techniques, approaching hidden job markets, and the importance of networking in Canada. Even there was a specific session like buying a house in Canada which was more insightful.

Thank you once again for these great opportunities to learn more about Canada for people like me, who came from a different country to an unknown territory.