As a new immigrant, I arrived in Canada in October 2021. Since then, BMG has been a great help in terms of preparing my resume, improving my communication skills, building my confidence to face interviews, and connecting me with professionals in my field.

Rajender Agnihotri

I was able to attend the majority of the webinars hosted by Dinesh Sharma and his team. I’d like to applaud and appreciate this one-of-a-kind initiative, which has greatly benefited the community during the difficult times of COVID-19.


I had the opportunity to learn about the perspectives of experienced speakers from various industries, such as Biju Mishra, Leona Wilson, and Parveen Gill. This gave me a better understanding of the Canadian job market and what it takes to succeed here.

Perzaan Kelawalla

Dinesh goes above and beyond in the smallest of details. He not only guides you professionally, but also emotionally and gives you a holistic perspective on life.

Mahesh Radhakrishnan

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing efforts in building a strong network and assisting newcomers in enhancing their learnings through networking sessions. Even during pandemic situations, your efforts have been phenomenal in conducting regular online networking sessions with panelists from various industry backgrounds and experts in their field.

Manikandan Amirthalingam

I learned more about the importance of professional designations, resume preparation techniques, approaching hidden job markets, and networking in Canada through the BMG group’s various webinars. There were also more in-depth sessions, such as buying a house in Canada.