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Benefits of Volunteering !!! In Canada, Volunteering plays an important role in an individual’s success. Volunteering helps individual builds those skills, which we may not be able to build in our full time role. Employers looks at those candidates favourably, who volunteer their time in the community. For the benefit […]
Finding Your Path in Canada In the past five or six years that I’ve been helping newcomers to Canada, I’ve often come across people who seem hesitant to make career decisions. In most cases, they have too many options on the table and are unable to move forward. I totally […]
Immigrant Challenges – Now & ThenThe story of a new immigrant to Canada, who landed in Canada in 1954. My story will be one through the eyes and memories of a 4 year old child.  It was October 31, 1954. The last voyage of the Nea Ellas had just pulled […]