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360 Degrees Profile of an HR Professional At the outset, let me say this is meant to be a lighthearted expose` of the consummate HR professional. Take it with a grain of salt! Any resemblance to the real thing may or may not be true :-). Sometimes it’s nice to step […]
Using LinkedIn – another approach! A friend from a networking group was going crazy. His job search was going nowhere. He was doing everything right, or so he thought. He was networking furiously, seeking out networking meetings, scanning the internet for posted jobs, contacting agencies/recruiters/head hunters and checking his cell […]
Benefits of Volunteering In Canada, Volunteering plays an important role in an individual’s success. Volunteering helps individual builds those skills, which we may not be able to build in our full time role. Employers looks at those candidates favorably, who volunteer their time in the community. For the benefit of […]